About Peter McBride

Level 9

Level 9 was a computer game company that released mainly text adventure games throughout the 80s for, at first, 8-bit computers, and later 16-bit computers aswell.

Peter McBride wrote novellas for Level 9's Rainbird releases - Jewels of Darkness (a trilogy compilation), Silicon Dreams (another trilogy) and Knight Orc (a 3-part game), a novella for their Mandarin trilogy 'Time & Magik' and Gnettlefield Journals for their other Mandarin releases, Gnome Ranger (3 parts), Ingrid's Back (3 parts), and Gnome Free (unreleased).

Peter also wrote game text for Gnome Ranger.

He now writes Teach Yourself books (I think this is the right link) and has written:

Teach Yourself the Internet

Also available in: Chinese, Indonesian and Portugese

Now in its 3rd edition

Teach Yourself HTML

Also available in: Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Portugese, and Hebrew

Now in its 2nd edition

Teach Yourself Windows 98


Available now in English, Portugese, Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese, Hebrew; soon in Polish and Turkish.

Other books:

The Internet ... in Colour (Made Simple)

The Internet for Windows 95 - 98 (Made Simple)

Searching the Internet (Made Simple)

Other Made Simple books by Peter:

MS-Works for Windows
Windows 3.1
Windows 95
Windows 98
Office 95
Office 97
Microsoft Networking
JavaScript (Click for the sample scripts or the sound files)
HTML (with Nat McBride)

Find out about all the Made Simple books at the Made Simple site

Introductory Visual Basic published by Letts Educational