Over to Dale:

As to ' where are they now?' Well, Shelley and I have been married now for over twenty years and I'm afraid to say that middle age is beginning to creep in. We have two children who are growing up fast (17 and 13 years old now). After doing the bulk of the 'mother and housewife' bit, Shelley is now running her own little business making jewellery. It doesn't make much money, but she thoroughly enjoys it.

As for me, well I sort of went back to where I started, which is in (you guessed it) air traffic control. I worked operationally at the London Air Traffic Control Centre as an ATC Assistant for several years (the one that's been in the news this past week for all the breakdowns and delays), but left there in 1984 to join Mikrogen. After Mikrogen I went into more serious software engineering, then system engineering. I worked for various companies, including a spell in Canada working for Hughes Aircraft, and now I am a freelance consultant, currently working for the National Air Traffic Services in their research division at Bournemouth Airport. It's very interesting work and I always think that the grounding I got in the games business was probably the best that you can get.