"Recall" is the new album from Technotronic, making assaults on the dance scene.

Special Interview with producer Jo Bogaert

5 years has passed since the mega hit album "Pump Up the Jam". I have been looking forward to your new album. How did you work for 5 years?

I was busy, did so many things. Technotronic released "Body to Body" after "Pump Up the Jam". I produced not only dance music but also rock music. Then I released a solo album "Different Voices" and did some recordings, collaborating with Robert Wyatt. We are releasing some of them.

What did you do as a producer?

I played alternative rock in the 80's and I produced 2 solo albums. And, I was interested in the synthesizer, then I made ambient. but that time was before the boom of ambient, that was part of new beat scene, in Belgium. After that, I made the album "Different Voices" before starting Technotronic. In Japan, only a few know about album, this but I produced and collaborated with Ano, Bithi Borak, and Billy Vars.

What's the exact concept of new album "Recall"?

I composed and produced with Patrick de Meyer who played synthesizer once "Pump Up the Jam". We wanted to make "euro house" but adding the taste of Belgium. "Belgium new beat" helped. And we worked with Block Diamond [?] and Daizy-D and Ya Kid K because we also wanted to put soulful vocal and rap in.

How was your recording???

Few were taken in my studio, most of them were in the studio of Patrick. In February 1994, we started to compose, and on summer of 1994, Y Kid K, Diamond, and Daizy-D came and started recording. That was hard work, but fun.

What's the reason for working with Ya Kid for rap?

Because, she and I started everything and Technotronic cannot work without her, on the side of concept and sound in the first place. She is really good at rap, has style - Ya is marvelous artist.

Phil and Peter of "2 Unlimited" remixed this album, How do they work?

I thought that I could join up with 2 Unlimited and Technotronic working together. Phil and Peter were respectful of the tunes themselves and added their unique taste. This remix is one of my most favorite sound in thousand of remixes of Technotronic. They worked really well.

How do you catch the music scene of europe???

Techno and house is almost global, so that I think there are no view point as "dance music of europe". Even so, european music has dynamics and activeness as ever, and also I am surprised at new music releases. Now is exactly the time when all things are a possibility.

Since now, which kind of dance music will be supported???

Electro music should be bigger. The changing favor of the generation of house should be also interesting. Heavy metal is disappearing already and streaming [?] vocal is appearing. Nowadays, it is possible to buy music instruments: a computer, a synthesizer, and a recorder and mixing console quite cheaply. So, everyone can try to make music with new and unlimited ideas. So, the future of dance music should be exciting.

What's the future of Technotronic's sound and direction?

I am thinking of this. What I want to do is to bring ambient which I am strongly attached to and electoro music which contains Technotronic's rap&vocal. But I like I like garage typed beat. So I want to combine every sound which I have kept in touch with [?] and make new sound.

Who is your rival artist, exactly?

Sometime I feel I want to be good at playing guitar, writing delicate lyrics. But I don't think anyone as a rival. Music is not a competitive thing. I just want everyone to be a fan of my music.

Finally, could you give me a message for your fan?

I don't want you to forget the adventurous spirit and I want you to try to get new music and keep your eyes open for dance music scene with wide outlook. Staying out of drugs, keeps you happy! Peace!