About MailXplorer

About MailXplorer

Do you have tons of email, from years of correspondence, and in several different email packages? Or you want to quickly search a huge archive of emails without a lengthy wait?

We do, and San Fran Systems wrote MailXplorer to help gather up all our old email in one place, and perform complex searches on all the email we've ever sent or received.

We considered calling it 'HooverMail', though that describes it fine.


We take no responsibility for lost data. Be careful to read the manual before and/or while using it.

Demo Version

The MailXplorer demo is fully functional and is identical to the full paid version. However, the demo is restricted: You can collect no more than 5MB of email.

Click here to download the demo installer. (Note: It is on a secure server to protect your PC).

The MD5 of this file is c34e5fffd9238216c281705a73db1cc5.

Test Data

After installation, run FindMail.

Click 'Find Email Folder'.

Click 'Test Set'

Click 'Ok'

Click 'Scan For Email'

In a few seconds you should get a "Message #" of 5.

Then load up SearchMail and in 'Body' put 'abilities'. You should get 1 hit: "Re: About the c64 vs CPC debate...". If you do, then MailXplorer is working fine and you can proceed to indexing your own email.

Don't forget to delete C:\Program Files\Mailxplorer\MyMail to remove the unneeded index.

Full Version

The cost for the full version is $7.50, payable via Paypal. If you want to pay, email with the subject 'MailXplorer Purchase'. Things will proceed from there.

Fully Tested

MailXplorer has been tested by a professional software developer. It will not corrupt any of your files, it will not crash, it will run fast and it'll be easy to use.


MailXplorer only works on Windows at the moment. All Windows versions from Windows 95 up.

A Linux version of MailXplorer is feasible and will be coming in a few weeks.

An Apple version is also feasible.

Referral Program

If you like MailXplorer and find it useful, if you tell a friend about it, we'll offer you a registration at the reduced price of $2.50 - no strings attached! Just CC us on the email to your friend with subject 'MailXplorer Referral' and we'll proceed with the Paypal payment then.

Link Exchange

Send us a link to your site, and we'll link to it from our links page. You in turn will link to us from your links page.

No Malware

As we make our money from paid registration, there is no bundled software or malware. You get what it says on the tin.

Just a Quick Note About Email Size

If your email is more than 4 Gigabytes in size, the final archive won't fit on a FAT32 USB stick - It has to be NTFS.

Further, there is a general limit of 1.5 million messages, or about 30GB of mail, so if you have more than 30GB of mail, please get in touch to discuss the issue with us.

Also, make sure you have more than 10GB of free space on the drive MyMail is on. This ensures it won't run out of disk space and possibly corrupt the MyMail index.

MailXplorer Forum

The forum is now live and you can Register here.

The purpose of the forum is for you to report problems with MailXplorer, suggest new features, or praise the software if you like it.

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